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July 23, 2012

An area mother is furious that her 5-year old son’s birthday party was ruined by Liam Neeson, calling him "the worst birthday clown ever" .

It's still unclear why Liam Neeson showed up as the clown at Tommy Lansford's 5th birthday party in Northridge, CA, yesterday. But Tommy's mother Mary Lansford claims Neeson ruined the party, calling him "the worst birthday clown ever."

"The first thing he did when he arrived was kill our dog with shards of glass from a broken tequila bottle," a furious Ms. Lansford reports. "That’s when I knew the party wasn’t going to go as planned."

Other complaints center around a game of hide-and-seek the children played with the Taken 2 star. Neeson apparently told the children, "I will find you, and I will kill you." He then made each child speak into a tape recorder so they would be easier to track.

While none of the children were harmed, Lansford’s husband was throat-punched repeatedly, and Lansford herself was shot in the arm for no apparent reason.

"It was awful...just awful," Lansford said. "But it still wasn’t as traumatic as The Phantom Menace."