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November 28, 2011

Stand up cheat sheet

I’ve been told I’m funny….Cause all of a sudden I take other peoples word.  When it’s something I want to hear- it applies to me. I’m worried I will become one of those people who think I have something funny to say all the time and to everyone. Oh comedy contest…where do I sign up.

Than these people tell me…you don’t even need to come up with comedy. Just tell your life stories.  So I guess what they are really saying is my life is a joke.

Well at least I don’t live in Twin Bridges CA. On a road trip I drove through this town- population of 8. So when somebody is born or dies does a resident go to the sign day of or day after to change the number to plus one..now 9. Wow. The sign should be made out of chalk in case somebody moves in.  Last summer in AZ a population sign had 2.  No lie both sides-2.  I checked both sides because I thought it was a mistake. Both people must have been present when the sign was installed. Resident one held the sign while resident two hammered it in.  Will this town disappear in a murder suicide?