This week’s best internet things come straight to us from a galaxy far, far away.

When you’re using the toilet and need a little extra force.

WARNING: When biting into this one, expect some chewy-ness.

When you’re not ready to quit that Shia LeBeouf meme.

YouTuber Ilika Da brings new life to Shia’s Just Do It meme, by simply working Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

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When you be texting that realness.

On her Instagram Texts From Your Existentialist, artist April Eileen Henry combines images of bored looking woman throughout history and combines them with captions intended to summarize the utter meaninglessness of everything. NEAT!

OG sad girls club w/ #ValleyOfTheDolls.

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I'm bad for me w/ #FrederickCarlFrieseke.

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This void isn't gonna fill itself w/ #BrigitteBardot in #LeMepris by #JeanLucGodard.

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When your Grandma asks “Whatever happened to that nice boy from Degrassi?”

A confused Grandma reads the lyrics Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” and in a roundabout way calls Chicago racist, which we’re not entirely sure is false.

When your other Grandma GETS IT!

Today’s Challenge: Watch this less than 100 times.

When you ask an honest question and get an honest answer.

Survey says this is perfection.

When you so dumb you still trending five years later.

On Judge Judy, a defendant incriminates himself faster than you can read this sentence.

When your jam comes on in English class.

Seven clap emojis.

When it’s time to just breathe.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Body Slam. Exhale.

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