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October 22, 2013

Lets take a look at the Presidential leaders that the retards from the Great State of Texas have elected during the past 60 years.

Hello America, I am posting today in the spirit of Bernie Mac to warn all of you about Texas politicians. That’s right, the great state of Texas and the politicians their people elect. Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t mess with Texas?” Well, that’s exactly what we should do America. Not mess with them, in fact Fuck Texas.


Not everyone from Texas is a bad seed. In fact my favorite musician of all time, Freddie King was born in Gilmer, Texas. However, it is the majority of Texans that worry me and the leaders they elect.  As of 2013 the Texas population is 26 million which is the 2nd largest population in the United States.  I guesstimate that around 20 million of these Texans are Conservative Branch Dividian Christian Retards. Let’s Break It Down.

Let’s look back at Texas’s most important elected officials in the last 60 years. Shall We….

Let’s go back to 1957 with the Texas Southern Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson.  In the time of racial turmoil and Jim Crow injustice  President Eisenhower was trying to pass the 1957 Civil Rights Act. LBJ who was the Senate Majority Leader at the time was extremely opposed  to the Civil Rights act, which would make sure that all Americans had the right to vote.  LBJ and all the other white racist pieces of shit who were in control of our government were scared that if blacks were allowed to vote they would all be voted out of office. So LBJ and his fellow southern Klansmen rewrote the bill to fit their racist agenda. Strom Thurman was so opposed to the civil rights act he made the longest bullshit filibuster of all time speaking for over a fucking day to try and stop the civil rights act.


 History repeats itself today Republicans are doing bullshit filibusters to stop Obamacare and shut down the government , well the southern democrats were doing the same thing to keep blacks from gaining any social economic power, its fucked up, and it’s our government.


JFK, one of America’s greatest thinkers of all time was murdered in Texas because Texans don’t like thinkers “boy”. “Looks like we got ourselves a thinker…..Lets shoot it.”


After JFK’s assassination LBJ’s hands were tied to pass JFK’s Civil Rights Act, which pissed off all the white  southern klansmen democrats, this gave Richard Nixon  the tricky dick,the opportunity to steal the south away from  the democrats to gain Republican votes, by appealing to their Jim Crow instincts. Now you know why most of the southern Republicans today are racist pieces of shit, it’s because their daddies were the racist democrats before the civil rights act.

Lets Break It Down.

What do Texans Love? War! And that’s what LBJ does next, he fans the fucking fire on the Vietnam War.  There were 16,000 military advisors in Vietnam at the time of Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 by 1968 LBJ had dropped over half a million American soldiers  over there to extreme protest back home.  When the New York Times criticized the war LBJ called them a bunch of commies…. Sounds like a true Texan doesn’t he? Let’s move on to a couple of Texas Turds  and more future Presidents shall we.

 George Herbie Bush and his son W were not born in Texas. They are from the northeast but Bush senior came down to Texas where the retards are a plenty and  he out retard the retards. Adolf Hitler once said “What luck for rulers that men are such fools.”  The rich whites who were once democrats were pissed off because blacks could vote now without the fear of being lynched by Baptist preachers on their off day. George senior who had become filthy rich in the oil business became the face of the new white  racist elites and the new Republican party. Rich whites voted for him because he was greedy just like they were and poor whites voted for him because he said the n word at the dinner table just like they did. It was a match made in retard heaven.

One thing is for sure, Texas rubbed off on the Yankee carpetbaggers. Remember what do Texans Love above all else? WAR!  Let’s break it down…Both Bush’s  and tricky Dick Cheney started their own little wars and became Billionaires selling weapons and goods from their own companies to the United States government and the American tax payers paid them to put us in debt. Dick Cheney especially sucked the devils dick making 39 Billion fucking dollars on the Iraq wars, I’m not making any of this shit up Google it man stop being  a  Duck Dynasty, Viacom, reality tv  watching retard, wake the fuck up.  Bill Clinton gets impeached by republicans because he lied about getting a blow job, but Bush and Cheney bankrupt America,  they both should be in  fucking shackles. Darth Vader Dick Cheney you’re an evil man, I got the wireless code to your fucking pace maker  on my iphone you piece of shit, Im shutting your shit down tonight. I’m sending you a text now bitch, I hope you get it….

Let’s move on to  one of the current retards running Texas. The current Governor  Retarded Rick Perry. He was born in Paint Creek Texas…I think he’s been eating to many Paint Chips down in Paint Creek. This bitch is dumber than W, he wanted to be President but he could not tell you what all the Departments were in the Executive Branch, but this idiot wants to be President. Another example of just how retarded the people of Texas actually are that Perry has been the active governor now in  Texas since W took office in 2000.  So Texas, you are telling America that out of 26 million people that Retarded Rick is the best you have to offer. Don’t mess with Texas.

Let’s move on to Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator has been making a name for himself, he is a highly educated lawyer with Harvard and Princeton degrees. Cruz is not a retard which makes his actions even more strange.  He loves guns and feels everyone should have the easiest access to obtaining one he even voted against an amendment that called for more strict background checks at gun shows, with all the mass shootings going on remember  that’s the Texas way.

Just like Strom Thurman filibustered the civil rights act , Cruz filibustered Obamacare giving a bullshit speech  for 21 hours which accomplished nothing it still passed.  If the American people did not want the Affordable Care Act then Obama would not have been reelected but he was. Cruz with his Don’t mess with Texas doctrine convinced fellow Republicans that it would be better for the government to Shut down so Republicans can cry and be fucking sore losers. This shut down did nothing to stop Obamacare from happening but it did cost millions of Americans a check but Cruz is already rich so he could give a shit about shutting down the government, he’s got money in the bank. He just wants to grandstand and get campaign contributions from Far Right organizations  for his future Presidential campaign. The government shut down cost the government 24 Billion Bucks!! When Cruz went back to Texas he was greeted with a fucking ovation from those retards. You Best Believe that Cruz is willing to grand stand and stall his way to another shut down putting millions of Americans on the edge of financial  collapse. So America, Are you with me lets follow the Texas saying and Don’t mess with Texas, ever again.  God Bless Mother Earth.


Kyle, The Truck Driver