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December 19, 2016

See the never before released court docs and criminal complaint!

We all know the heartwarming tale of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” but what many are shocked to discover is that the Grinch was eventually charged with Grand Theft - Home Invasion, and Child Endangerment by one very determined young Whoville County Assistant District Attorney who smelled blood in the water and was itching to make an example out of one very green Grinch.

As in most legal jurisdictions, in Whoville County, once the act of Theft has been committed, it is up to the District Attorney and not the victim to decide whether or not to file charges. In this particular instance, after the joyous celebratory singing stopped at 12:00 AM on Dec 26th, Assistant DA Stu Lou Who went immediately to work.

Through eyewitness accounts and home surveillance equipment, ADA Who was able to assemble a steel strong open/shut case against the Defendant, The Grinch.

Below is the original Criminal Complaint filed in the Wholand District Court back in 1956.


The Grinch would eventually be sentenced to 3 years hard labor in Whoville County maximum security prison. Tragically, there was no happy ending for The Grinch. One month from his release date, in 1960, he would die from a wound to the kidney inflicted by a bathroom shiv widdled from a plastic hairbrush handle.


POLICE PHOTO: The Grinch lays dead on the shower floor at Whoville MAX Penitentiary