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May 15, 2012

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James won NBA’s MVP award for a third time and no one, I mean no one, is happier about it than teammate Dwayne Wade.

“LeBron has been unbelievable,” Dwyane Wade gushed. “He’s done it at both ends, every night.” Grrr. The Heat is hot.

Before King James brought his holiness to South Beach, Wade was just a lowly guard with a championship ring. Now, however, he’s second fiddle turntable (I dunno, trying to be more hip/modern for these guys) to THE MAN, as LeBron likes to be known as.

But Wade loves the role. “There’s no one else I’d rather see overshadowing me and getting credit for this teams success than LeBron. That’s why we arranged for him to come here… not for a gimme title that we have gotten, but to break all the team records I set.”

Coach Erik Spoelstra likes the leader-follower dynamic of the better two of his “big three.” Spoelstra said, “When LeBron flops, Wade is right there, playing best supporting actor to LeBron’s efforts.”

The pair is so dramatic that commissioner David Stern himself has laid out on the court of the American Airlines arena rolling around, tickling himself and screaming, “I love this game!”

Feeling proud of his most valued boy on Mother’s Day, an emotionally tearful Wade told reporters that, “behind himself, I’m definitely LeBron James’ biggest fan!”