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July 30, 2008


--*Dog barks at cell phone

--*Cat scared by cell phone

--*Dog attacks Roomba

--*Cat versus Roomba

--*Owner chastises dog

--*Owner chastises Roomba

--*Kim Kardashian sits on dog

--*Dog scared of Kim Kardashian's ass

--*Kim Kardashian attacks Roomba

--*Owner chastises Kim Kardashian's ass

--*Dog swallows cell phone

--*Dog barks at Paris Hilton sex tape

--*Little girl chases pigeon, yells "Doggie!"

--*Kim Kardashian chases pigeon, yells "Doggie!"

--*Kitten throws up Kim Kardashian's sex tape.

--*Pam Anderson saves pregnant cat

--*Cat eats afterbirth

--*Pam Anderson saves dog

--*Dog saves Pam Anderson sex tape

--*TMZ chastises Kim Kardashian sex tape

--*TMZ chastises vomiting kitten

--*Dog bites TMZ in the crotch

--*Momma cat ambushes, attacks helpless kitten

--*Momma ambushes, attacks Kim Kardashian

--*Boyfriend ambushes, attacks Kim Kardashian's ass

--*Dog barks at vomiting kitten

--*Dog barks at girlfriend fellating boyfriend

--*Dog barks at Maroon 5

--*Maroon 5 chastises Roomba

--*Maroon 5 eats afterbirth

--*Pam Anderson fellates boyfriend while kitten vomits, dog attacks Roomba, TMZ yells "Doggie!" Kim Kardashian's ass attacks Chloe Kardashian's ass and Maroon 5 is scared of cell phone. Everybody eats afterbirth.

--*Man befriends, is eaten by, grizzly.

From Eric Rasmussen's blog: