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Published January 02, 2013
  HASBRO TOY CORP INTERNAL MEMO -- CLASSIFIED Attn: Robert Zmegma, SVP Marketing Bob: please see the attached Holiday commercial proposal.  Looking forward to your thoughts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Christmas, your kids can finally bring home all the fun, all the adventure, all the French Revolutionary history, with the new:   Look, it’s Anne Hathaway as Fantine!   You’re the prettiest whore in Paris!   Such beautiful hair! Let’s shave it!   Oh no, you got Tuberculosis! Time to go to heaven in the first act! You’ll have to settle for a Supporting Actress Nomination this time!   Look out, here comes Russell Crowe as Javert!   Are these costumes authentic? Because he looks like Cap’n Crunch.   It’s Amanda Seyfried as Cosette!   So pretty! And bland!    Yay! It’s Helena Bonham Carter as the comic relief!   I wonder if she and Tim Burton even own a brush.   Here's Marius! Played by appropriately-named ginger heartthrob Eddie Redmayne!   Cool!  If you leave his action figure outside, the sun burns his dainty white flesh!   And here comes Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean! “Not so fast, Daniel Day-Lewis! That Oscar belongs to me!”   Check out his beard!   Yes, this holiday bring all the fun home with the Les Miserables Playset, and hear your kids say:   KIDS (in unison): WE LOVE ANTHEMIC BUT BLOATED MUSICAL VICTOR HUGO ADAPTATIONS!   Also available: "This is 40" Domestic Malaise Playset.