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November 28, 2010

Gift ideas...

Whether you celebrate Xmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Chinese fuckin' New Years, you usually have to buy gifts for people that you love. If you don't have anyone that you love, you are most likely a hater, and you are a lucky one who doesn't have to buy squat.

I have people I love, and I am happy to think of the perfect gift for them. I think it's pretty cool. And I think what better gift than a fine strain of marijuana? Specific taste, specific potency. If there was a dispensary, I would sample and pick out the right one for the occasion.

But you see, my people were at one point Baptist and they don't smoke that demon evil weed.

Regardless, my father has hip pains and high stress levels. Wouldn't marijuana actually be a thoughtful gift in that  case? My ma also has a lot of stress and has trouble falling asleep. Again, mary jane. But they would never in a million years accept my thoughtful gifts of relief.

However, in this new time where each state is becoming pro-medical marijuana or all out decriminalizing the flower, I say make our holidays more green.

Produce some top-notch buds specifically for the occasion so we can stash some of it in our children's, brothers', sisters', and friends' stockings. Instead of Christmas cookies for santa, make him hash brownies! Or smoke up on CHHHAnukah using a dreidel-piece. Of course, if you really cared about anyone and their health, you would buy them a vaporizer or make a vaporizer dreidel-piece.

Happy holidays!