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November 01, 2008


I had a weird way of writing some old posts of an old beat-up IBM Think Pad putting my thoughts on A-drive floppy disc and throwing them up on the computers I used that the public and college libraries but this shit-talker acted like he could the Red Sea sold me on an idea that sounded too good to be true.It was.He broke my IBM Think Pad and didn't even try to make it right with me.I'm glad that son-of-a-bitch lives in the back of the house I live at.Cause,the old me tore him a new asshole literally.I've got a bad fucking temper that why I need to vent on my posts. I hate living old-time AAs because follow the rules they say everybody else got to live under.FUCKING ASSHOLE HIPPIE-CRITES! And,I didn't mis-spell that by accident! The Old Me would have been getting drunk by now but I can't go back to that same old shit I used call a life. Just I got to keep away for the old-timers. Anyway, I got a new computer but I don't know how to hook it up and I'm definitiely not using that dumb fuck broke my old shit.So, anybody got any ideas let me know.