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August 25, 2009


I have been so wrong, so many, MANY times in my life that I feel very confident with my assertion that I, barring perhaps Myra Hindley and Karla Holmoka, I have the absolute worst taste in men on the face of the Earth. It's gotten to the point where I think my incapacity where attraction is concerned really isn't even a matter of opinion any more as I am, in fact, well.. incapacitated. What I fall for...it's beyond sad. I actually now concur with my mother who used to shake her head at me and say "Paige, all of your taste is in your mouth." However, that being said and that being all true, I can still laugh my face off at the sad, sad girl who caught one of the one's I let get away, and let me tell you, it is NOT a pretty sight. Okay, I completely understand given the economic climate that people are economizing and cutting costs on frivilous things and weddings are one of those debatable elephants in the room because there is a certain amount of fantasy and expectation heaped on a wedding day that one almost admires a Vegas ceremony or civil elopement because the perfect "lemon merangue scenerio" has lost it's prestige. But, here's the thing, you either do it or you don't. You can't just throw some half assed BBQ in the backyard and show up having spent more money on your makeup than on the cake and less on your dress than on the non-existant decorations in the yard. This girl, who I can tell by her picture must have ample personality and has been born with certain deficits she's had to over come (fugly cough cough FUGLY), settled for and is actually celebrating the most dismal piece of shit "wedding" I have ever seen. I swear to you that I am not bitter, because before I saw the pictures I was actually hurt that the wedding took place and was also back handed because the photos came my way on my BIRTHDAY of all days and I felt that was somewhat maliscious. With a heavy heart I clicked the file, and at first I thought they were just some bad pics, but then it just got worse and worse! There is actually a photo of them leaning on the aluminum siding of this Trailor? House? I don't even know!? Lots of pictures by the non-descript fence and I am sorry, it is one thing to marry in a back yard of somewhere with a nice garden, a trellis, some baby's breath or here's an idea, have a civil ceremony at City Hall and then just have a party in the backyard with at least a few Chinese lanterns and some Christmas lights MY GOD!!! Anything!!! There was just NO effort! The only way there could have been less effort involved with this wedding would have been if one or neither one of them had even showed up! Unless the theme was "Hillbilly", "Broke Ass" or "Shot Gun" there was absolutely no reason for this "wedding". Seriously. I got blown off for THAT? And here I thought that I was stupid!! So, anyway, she's posting these pics as her celebrated "Wedding Album" and these are what their children and what his family (since none of them were even there), have as a momento of their joyous day LOL It's kind of hard to bite my tongue because I'm sure they were given to me on my birthday to make me feel bad and I DO FEEL BAD, but not for the reason she'd hoped. LOL I would comment, but the bigger part of me is like "Why kick her when she's down?" She got to have her dream backyard wedding bonanza and I say, the good news is? It can only really get better from that point. LMAO Congratulations!