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May 10, 2011

fc barcelona tickets

After Great matches at FC Barcelona home ground camp nou (FC Barcelona Tickets)The 2010 Soccer World Cup is upon us. Here we discuss the five key players to look out for in South Africa, in no particular order.

1. Wayne Rooney A youthful player who is already on the road to earning a place as one of the great striker of his era, and perhaps one of England's football team greatest in memory, Rooney first came to world attention in the previous FIFA SOCCER World Cup, in which his speed, killing moving and shooting ability and for victory paved his place as a worldwide name. Since then, he has led Manchester United to 3 EPL titles, and in this season he has 14 goals to his name. His second World Cup may be his opportunity to help England win it s first football worldcupsince '66.No Doubt his play will be an important factor.

2. Lionel Messi Like Rooney, Messi also emerged on to the world sight in the 2006 Football Cup when he was just 18 years old. His technical skills, moves, speed and great thinking guided Argentina to the quarter-finals of the world cup, later he played for fc Barcelona. He reached to the fame here and nominated as FIFA Player of the year recently. He played great many times in many important matches in Champions league his header scored the deciding goal. In goal was again decided the match and recently FA Club world cup final match his goal won the title to fc barce4lona and just a day before his two goal lead fc Barcelona to beat Sevilla Fc by 4 goals.To see his live action at its home ground that is fc barcelona camp nou get FC Barcelona Tickets


3. Gianluigi Buffon After two young players, we stop to consider an older one. While Buffon surely has years left in his career before he even considers giving up his spot between posts, he is a veteran player whose experience playing for Italy and Juventus should serve him well. Considered by many to be the best keeper on the planet, he certainly has a reputation to uphold, and his performance will have eyes around the world watching.

4. Bastian Schweinsteiger He is a great midfielder and his performance remain great in recent years.He has established himself one of the best long shooter in football erena, his hat-trick in match against Portugal. He is one of Bayern Munich's backbone players, with only a few goals to his name this season but countless assists and the center of much of Bayern's attacking play. Germany will be relying on his play side-by-side with Klose, Ballack and Lahm to go far in 2010.

5. Didier Drogba Didier Drogba has settles himself as one of the most great finishers, and his control of the ball capbility is a great capability for Chelsa performance this season. Lets see He can lead Ivory Cost to win this time or not.

Futbol Club Barcelona is highly regarded throughout the world and while some of the players have achieved celebrity status, they are all well-liked by the fans and today the club has grown symbolically to represent Catalan nationalism. While FC Barcelona symbolizing resistance to Franco. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid's opposition is well-known they have brought in new technologies and techniques to march ahead in the football arena.

When a football lover called Joan Gamper from Switzerland launched FC Barcelona in 1899 November the team quickly gained a passionate support from locals, which remains intact today. Hence you will find huge number of FC Barcelona tickets sold to locals as well as visitors.

FC Barcelona's followers are frequently referred to as culés, or ass. This particular pet name initiated in the twenties from Barça supporters seated in the top stands of the sports ground with their back ends facing passers by. People recognize the recent stadium as the Nou Camp. It was constructed in 1957 after many years of work and can hold up to 98,000 viewers. The stadium is the third largest in the world as well as the largest in Europe.

In 1939 the club was recognized as Club de Fútbol Barcelona. Under General Franco, head of state for Spain at the time, the Catalan language and symbols of Catalanism had been banned.

Since 1974 the club has once more been renamed as Futbol Club Barcelona and since after that has declined company sponsorship on the shirts. In 2006 when the club confirmed a partnership with UNICEF, history was made. This was the first time that any corporation's emblem could be seen on the blaugrana shirts in a five-year deal that sees Barça give millions of Euros to UNICEF; Proceeds from Barcelona football tickets are being used to help the less fortunate.

Healthy rivalries exist in all sports and soccer is no exception. Be it the baseball teams of the United States, or local teams in Africa playing soccer rivalry exists everywhere. In fact such competition can excite followers and increase ticket sales for such events; one famous rivalry that has existed over the years is between FC Barcelona and arch-rivals Real Madrid. Their matches in the Spanish league are eagerly followed all around the world and are generally considered to be the largest crowd pullers worldwide.

FC Barcelona (also normally well-known as Barça through its fans) and Real Madrid were opponents long before they came into the soccer field and are the two largest clubs in Spain - Catalonia. When each of these clubs joined the Spanish football league the rivalry that resulted became legendary - check the Barcelona schedule to see when Real Madrid has visited the Nou Camp over the years.

After General Franco banned all peripheral 'languages' such as Catalan, this rivalry started to take on political overtones following the Spanish Civil War. Catalonia has at all times been independent in its outlook and required equality and was therefore anti Franco. While Real Madrid did not suffer such persecution, FC Barcelona came under the glare as a central point of Catalonian tradition; and Franco simply favored Real Madrid.

That extreme opposition continued in to the 1950s when each club searched for players and at times guides from both teams would find themselves in situations where they were trying to recruit the same player, such as Alfred Di Stefano. Some players would go away from Real Madrid and join FC Barcelona and vice versa. Fans did not like this and saw such players as being deserters.

barcelona football tickets

At present the opposition between the teams is enjoyed by fans and players in equal measures and the trend continues. If you want to see "el clasico" at the Nou Camp make sure you buy FC Barcelona tickets online and appreciate first hand the magnitude of the occasion.