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August 21, 2008


Hey y'all, We're still waiting for that storm they call Fay to roar through Panther County. Looks like it stalled out over my family's old stomping ground...the International Speedway in Daytona. We're putting the chickens in the garage, letting the pigs loose and hoping the house trailer don't blow away. Roy Ray's out tending his traps. Dottie called off today's hippity hop dance class. The Alegrias have family in town from Puerto Rico and they're having a hurricane party tonight. Think I'll have a couple margaritas. It's rumored that the Thurapist is on the edge of some kind of breakdown or something. 'Course people gossip a lot in Panther County, so you never know. Gene's still at Dottie's, although he was thinking of flying back to NYC to avoid the storm. He's a hurricane virgin. Tupid and Miss LuAnn were supposed to start coaching a new batch of Panther County kiddies for beauty pageant winning, but none of the mamas would bring their little darlings downtown through the storm. That's about it from here. Y'all have a real nice day.