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Published: August 17, 2008
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Jodie Sweetin who played the lovely Stephanie Tanner on Full House, holy shit, take a look at her. I want to suck on your tits, snort some meth, and fuck you for nine hours, 15 years ago…

John Stamos, you make Cloris Leachman wet, and want to go fuck a fat child star...

And Bob Saget, Farce of Penguins, originally titled America's UnFunniest Straight-to-Home Video. Seven years you hosted America's Funniest Home Videos. How did you come up with all of the one creative and diverse voices? Did you pretend to have Stamos' cock in your mouth? Did you have the Olsen twins punch you in the sac? Or did you have Stamos' cock in your mouth?

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