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September 22, 2008


davidblaine.jpg Hey folks, Eric Appel here.  This morning I managed to nab an exclusive interview with Illusionist David Blaine as he hung upside down, six stories above the ground in Central Park.  It's all part of his latest stunt called, "The Dive of Death."

Eric:  Hey David, how's it going up there?

David Blaine:  Pretty good, Eric.  I've been upside down for almost an entire day now.

Eric:  Wow, dude.  How long are you up there for?

David Blaine:  I'm gonna be dropping to the ground at 11pm on Wednesday.

Eric:  That's pretty crazy, man.

David Blaine:  Yeah.  Totally.

Eric:  And why are you doing this again? 

David Blaine:  Well, I've always found the image of Harry Houdini hanging upside down to be very compelling.

Eric:  Oh yeah, I've seen that image.  It's always made me want to hang upside down too.

David Blaine:  Really?

Eric:  No.

David Blaine:  Oh.

Eric:  Are you in pain up there?

David Blaine:  Yeah man, I'm upside down.  People aren't supposed to be upside down for this long.  It's really screwing up my blood flow.

Eric:  Wow.  That sucks.

David Blaine:  Yeah.

Eric:  So…what else is going on?

David Blaine:  Not much…just basically the upside down thing.

Eric:  That's cool.

David Blaine:  Yeah.

Eric:  Well…I think I'm gonna take off, if that's okay.

David Blaine:  Yeah man, definitely.

Eric:  Oh, hey, real quick, do you know if there's a place around here to get a haircut?

David Blaine:  Nah, I'm not sure.  I don't live in this neighborhood.

Eric:  Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  My hair is starting to get real shaggy.

David Blaine:  I'm sure there's someplace pretty close.  Maybe head down Broadway?

Eric:  Oh yeah, good call.  I'm sure I'll find something.

David Blaine:  Cool.

Eric:  Do you guys validate parking here?

David Blaine:  I don't think so.

Eric:  Damn.  I'm in this garage that costs like twenty bucks.

David Blaine:  That blows.

Eric:  Yeah…this is dumb, you know.

David Blaine:  What is?

Eric:  This thing you're doing.  The hanging upside down…

David Blaine:  I know.

Eric:  Oh, you do?  Okay.  Okay, cool.  Later.

David Blaine:  Bye.