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Published: February 07, 2010
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"You might ask yourself - How did I get here?"

The New Orleans Saints "Defeat" the Minnesota Vikings 31 - 28 with some help from the Referees.

The Vikings with Brett Favre at the helm dominated every aspect of the game except for 6 fumbles, 2 interceptions, a half a dozen questionable calls, and one outright stinker to hand the Saints the Win.

The Vikings and their fans cried bitter tears...

With shades of Joe Namath, Mark Sanchez and the Jets defense made a horse race out of it for 3 quarters but faded in the home stretch; just another trot in the park for Manning and the Colts -  30 - 17.

And so today, the Superbowl at Miami Garden's Sun Life Stadium in sunny Florida. The Colt's are a 5 point favorite but the Saints are the popular underdog, having actually been called the new "America's Team" by Jimmy Johnson and others. Neither team will really enjoy a "Home Field Advantage", and being an open stadium, fan noise will not be as significant a factor as in the playoff games. On paper the teams are fairly evenly matched, and Superbowl XLIV promises to be one of the best in decades.

Once again, let's consider the "other factors" that may help determine the outcome...

Sun Life Stadium 

Just a note in passing, THIS is the home of "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys and their new state of the art stadium in Arlington Tx, host of next years Superbowl.

Back to the other factors; we've previously examined the Cheerleaders of the Saints and the Colts but I think another quick peek is in order...

The New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders will flash us an early Mardi Gras preview. 

Of course the Colts Cheerleaders will be kicking up their.. heels.. as well! 

The Colts fans have been warming up in Miami for days now; they are ready to rumble!

The Saints fans have a little different way to get their "Mojo Working"!

Saints fans also enjoy.. unusual Cajun recipes that they believe bring power over their adversaries.

And what would the Superbowl be without Tailgating before the big game?

Of couse, the Colts fans have been known to do things a little differently as well.

After a good meal, it's time to "Gird ones Loins" and prepare for battle!

The Colts fans have their own kind of shields as well; experience and confidence! 

To the winner goes the spoils - and who will that winner be?

As much as many of us would like to see the underdog Saints "Win one for Katrina" to complete the comeback of the Millenium (they are the first NFL team to ever make it to a Superbowl after 3 or more consecutive seasonal losses), I'm afraid the Tarot deck is stacked against them this time. Manning and the Colts have a LOT more big game experience, as well as playing outdoors on turf more often. If the Saints fail to contain Manning and his receivers with constant pressure and sacks, he will pick them to pieces with laser beam passes to his two primary weapons, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. I'm predicting a good game, fast and high scoring with numerous lead changes... til about the middle of the 3rd quarter when I think the Saints' defense will tire, and nature will take it's course. My prediction?



P.S.  New Orleans has announced they'll have a parade "Win or Lose" on Tuesday, Feb 9th... I'm afraid it's going to look like this..

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