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April 17, 2011

When two females complain about being harassed at work all day, it turns out there is something else being squeezed out of them

 “Oh great, would ya look at that Aaleigha, Mr. Gail coming around the bend again coming for us,” Jersey took a break from her snack and looked up to see her boss approaching

“Good, I can use some squeezin’ myself Jersey,” replied Aaleigha

“Don’t you feel degraded when he grabs us like that?” asked Jersey

“Would ya rather a machine do it, I mean all of tha’ force leaves a ring around the collar if ya know wha’ I mean,” replied Aaleigha

“Well, you know we all can’t be like Ms. Guernsey over there,” Jersey whispered to her friend as they chuckled about their fellow co-worker. “Look at her munching away and trying to look all pretty. God that fat ass heifer just makes me sick.”

“Hey girl, maybe you need ta get a ways for a while,” Aaleigha leaned in closer to her co-worker, “you have been bitchin’ about work too much y’know?”

“Ah you know, the stress of waking up early and getting felt up kind of does that to you,” admitted Jersey shamefully.

“Then why don’ you jus’ do somethin’ about it,” there was a hint of frustration in Aaleigha’s voice who had heard enough complaining during their lunch breaks together.

“Well, why can’t you Aaleigha?” Jersey’s brow slanted down and returned some of the frustration on her friend, “why don’t you use some of that affirmative action or harassment stuff that got you this job in the first place?”

“Shu’ up bitch,” she paused with a chuckle, “I didn’t ge’ this job because I’m Black and White, it’s because I am one of them many Holsteins in California tha’ can do this job so damn good girl.  Besides,” Aaleigha paused again and rolled her eyes up to the roof of their dining area, ”I ain’t the one always complainin’ abou’ Mr. Gail, so you need to be the one to say somethin’.”

“What can I do, it is my job Aaleigha? Do I really want my babies to starve without me?” There was a slight tear building up in Jersey’s eye.

“Oh, there’s gotta be other Mr. Gail’s out there,” Aaleigha waved her head and ignored the repeating complaint.

“Oh yeah, and I’m sure they are just as friendly too,” Jersey leaned in closer to her friend and whispered again,” the other girls talk about their previous places of employment and their sicko bosses. They’ll grope you until the sun goes down and even try to get you pregnant, and when they find you no longer desirable, when we get too saggy and can’t keep up production, they ship you off somewhere to never to be seen again.”

“Ah, that’s jus’ called retirement girl!” Aaleigha reminded her.

“Ah, that is just why all of the other girls call you an idiot,” Jersey didn’t appreciate being snubbed so she turned away from her friend.

“Shit, after all them times I stick my neck out with you at The Fence, this the way tha’ you  gonna treat me?” Aaleigha demanded answers from her friend but Jersey will still stubborn and kept her back to her.

“Sigh, I am sorry,” Jersey gave up on her attitude and faced her friend with a hint of embarrassment and frustration on her face, “it is just that I have so much on my mind lately, especially since Ferdi left me and the kids.”

“Well, ya always said, he had dreams of show biz in Spain right?” asked Aaleigha.

“Madrid actually,” specified Jersey,” and I hope the bastard gets stabbed there.”

“Simmer down now,” and then Aaleigha recalled several other previous discussions and complaints from Jersey, “besides, I thought ya was in an abusive relationship with him anyways?”

“H- -he can’t help it if he gets angry so easily and just sees red,” Jersey reminded her with a slight hint of fearfulness on her face.

“Sounds like ya making excuses girl,” Aaleigha turned her head away from Jersey in frustration.

“Maybe I am,” Jersey’s thoughts trailed off until she caught site of Mr. Gail strutting over to them, “looks like Mr. Gail is coming for you first this morning.”

Without even acknowledging their presence, Mr. Gail knelt down and began groping their most delicate of parts

“Ooh his hands are so cold,” Aaleigha whispered and shivered over to Jersey, and then a smile began to grow on her face, “but it feels so good!”

“I think you are a sicko Aaleigha,” Jersey averted her eyes and was embarrassed of her co-worker’s statement.

“Ooh c’mon, don’t lie like ya don’t like it bitch,” Aaleigha’s smile continued to grow and Jersey continued to look away.

“I . . .do not,” Jersey slowly peered her head back over to catch Mr. Gail going to town on the girl, “it just feels degrading when he grabs me like that.”

“Shit, I feel like I would jus’ burst if I didn’t get this every day, mmmmh. Hey guess what girl,” she snapped out of her temporary ecstasy, “I finally understand Mr. Gail’s slogan for our company.”

“Oh, and what is that Aaleigha?” inquired Jersey.

“Happy cows do come from California,” Aaleigha recalled the motto, “especially when he knows how to work your teets!”