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June 20, 2016

OJ's last meal before the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

ESPN’s “OJ: Made in America” documentary did a great jobbreaking down the events leading up to and following the murder of Nicole Brownand Ron Goldman. One event that particularly stood out in the series was that O.J. Simpson and Kato Kaelin went to McDonalds the night of the murder andreturned to Rockingham a couple hours before the murder took place. After alittle bit of digging, we were able to find the transcript between OJ, Kato,and the McDonalds employee from that night.

Employee: Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?

OJ: Yes, hi. I would please like a…

Employee: Oh my gosh! I know you! You’re… you’re…

Kato: He’s OJ Simpson! Six-time NFL Pro Bowler and Heismanwinner.

Employee: You’re the guy from those Naked Gun movies!

OJ: That too. Listen, can I go ahead and order? I got a longnight ahead of me, and I can’t work on an empty stomach.

Employee: Sure, go ahead.

OJ: I’ll have a number 3 please.

Employee: That comes with a drink.

Kato: Get OJ, OJ! C’mon do it! It will be hilarious.

OJ: Orange juice, please.

Kato: Classic.

Employee: Will that be all?

OJ: I’ll grab his order as well.

Kato: Thanks Juice! I owe you one.

OJ: (to himself) You bet you do.

Kato: What was that?

OJ: Oh, I was just whispering to myself… about how it’sgoing to be useful that you’re indebted to me. If I were to hack my ex-wife todeath tonight, it may be useful down the road that you “owe me one”.

Kato: Oh.

Employee: Are you ready to order?

Kata: Uhhh, yeah. Ummmm. Hey, Juice, what’s that thing yourfriend always gets here?

OJ: Which friend, Kato? You gotta be more specific.

Kato: You know, that guy that sounds like he swallowed arubber duck…

OJ: Oh, Joe Bell? I don’t know. Just go ahead and order.

Kato: One Happy Meal, please.

Employee: That will be $8.75.

OJ: Keep the change. Let’s go Kato.

Employee: Go OJ! Go!