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November 01, 2008


Another bullshit saying disproved.After being "down sized" twice you may think this might apply to getting a safer job.If you haven't noticed,over the last few weeks my posts and humor is diminishing a squelch.Well only because of the GM/Chrysler merger.This would likely put me on the street again looking for work.Fuck...I had this resume in for a year before being contacted for the position.This merger would send thousands of applicants streaming into the job market to scoop up any morsel that paid a wage.At 50+ ,even though its illegal to discriminate,you can see it in their eyes at an interview. The 2 phone interviews go great,the personal interview as well is fantastic but you never receive that call back,dozens of times.Or,you have to take a personality profile test.Apparently my personality last year" wasn't what they were looking for "to sell bull shit electronics as part time Christmas help at fucking Best Buy! I'm fucked again.Don't get me wrong,I'm gonna get back out there and try try try.But its just not funny any more.The only humor I can think of is this....

At least I know how big the cock is I'm getting fucked with.This will be the second time Nardelli's
actions has bent me over.