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June 19, 2012

When wearing sunglasses inside just isn't enough.


French_Bulldog.jpgThe scene was an uplifting one in the hipster haven that is the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia this morning as a young professional took his first steps towards a new life... exiting his apartment building with his newly adopted french bulldog and a black Wilco T-shirt. 


After so many years of feeling inadequate in this part of town it was uplifting to see strangers hurrying past the young man, despite the adorable dog... fueled by the realization that they were nowhere near interesting enough to start a conversation with him. 


When questioned about the moment where he and his new dog passed another young Philadelphian with a bulldog and a Wilco shirt he said, "We jingled the keys on our belt to each other... it was electric."  He further explained his decision by stating, "It's always nice to think you're better than everybody... it's an entirely different feeling to be able to prove it." 


He then proceeded to rant for an uncomfortable amount of time about how, "Not only are Wilco this generation's Beatles, but The Beatles were their generation's Wilco."  Later, after a quick stop to purchase a back-up copy of the new Gotye record, the pair stopped for lunch. 


Upon ordering a sandwich and questioning a waiter for what seemed like hours about the beer selection, careful to select the correct pairing, the newly confident man put earphones on both himself and his dog, and began evaluating philosopher's names for his new pet.  Plato, the dog, could not be reached for comment.