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November 02, 2009


I subscribed to twitter about, I don't know, maybe a year ago.
 I don't know what I expected, maybe that I would meet people who liked videos and fun stuff and help get the laughter spread around a little bit, you know like minded people.
I now understand that the only people who subscribe to my tweets are whores. Why is that?
Im always getting sunnyflower is now following you on twitter, I click on the profile  and Guess what?

Yep a WHORE!
  You know I don't understand this? I mean I live in the Rockie Mountains, why do I need a date in Boston anyway? And I don't want to watch her web cam either. Now if I had a nice relation ship with a great gal and she wanted to webcam me. thats different, web dates are cool. But  do these women understand they are the end of every sick joke Satan can think of?

(greatest SNL joke of all time.)
Its not like I am stamping on someones right to do what they want or anything, I just wish they wouldn't twit-stalk me. I click on  the strawberry moon is now following on twitter button and its a Whore.

 Oh well. I guess I just wish one real-normal non-sex industrialized person would twitt me. I guess I am just wishing for to much. Well have a great day to all and if you work in the sex trade I hope you find this blog offensive in the worse way and "STAY THE FUCK OFF MY GRASS WHORE!"