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June 21, 2009


Ok ,I may have been a little eager to find the owner of the panties I found on I-75.My observations,some of which were accurate, have led me to jump to possibly inaccurate conclusions.After some of the tests were ran,new light has been shed on a possible owner.Lets review the facts thus far from our lab partner....Abby...
"Well Zoo,lets see what we have so far.You were correct about some things!
  1. The panties in question were hand made with fine Egyptian cotton.No tags and fine 14K  gold thread hand stitched trim around the lacy flower patterns were a dead give away.Very expensive and old and very well kept.
  2. The scent you smelled was that of Woolite and air drying.Almost clean fresh air,but some of the pollutants found in the panties from air drying suggest North America...probably Canada or closer to the Artic air flow.
  3. You were also correct about Mrs Thatcher being hospitalized.So she has an air tight alibi.They might have been her panties but she wasnt in em.
  4. Again correct about the size of the panties(good eyes) 14-16 and the crotch was reinforced,but mostly for air flow and not strength.
     Lets review the items you might have been mistaken about.
  1.  The cheesy was sleazy, Zoo ! The cheesy substance between the leg holes was vaginal smegma from a post-metapausal woman,but also there was sperm in the mix. 
  2. Interresting was the fact that the little swimmers were dead before they were ejected from the vehicle/penis.This may indicate the male was indeed impotent and may possibly had a vesectomy.
  3. The stains on the backside was actually ....Hersheys Chocolate  Syrup and almost a full bottle from the size of the stain.
  4. From the way you described how you found the panties,its probable they were tossed from a vehicle at a high rate of speed.
Looks like you have a real mystery on your hands Zoo,possibly more field work will be required.