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April 15, 2009


To Follow up on last weeks "Things I hate" here are things that make me very happy...

1) Watching people trying to recover while tripping
Is there anything funnier then watching someone almost fall?  Those 8-9 leaning forward running steps are probably the funniest thing in the world to watch.  I always root for the face plant.

2)  Chewing watermelon bubble gum

Best done in crowds because everyone loves the smell, and they don't have any.  Putting on a terrific smile and slowly blowing the air towards people makes me very happy.

3) Big Turk Chocolate bar

Swedish Berry smothered in Chocolate.... Nuff said. 

4) ALF

The Tanner's are a delightful family.  Quick ALF, Get in the kitchen! hahahahah ohhhhh mercy.

5) Being in the Forrest

I love owls and shrews.  I also love beetles and some ants..... and moss.

6) Old Spice underarm stuff

Makes me smell perty and doesn't make my armpits bleed...... yet. 

7) When somebody has a Sneeze-Fart (Snart??)

Pretty funny... always makes me smile..

8) My Boy Nicholas. (the thing that makes me the happiest)

He is the Coolest little guy in the world... my reason. AND WAHOOOOO FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!
( well, at least the pee part)

Have a happy week everyone!