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March 01, 2012

Some of the best games to heavily drink to while learning about books and their themes and history at the same time!



Hey, who ever said that you couldn’t have a good time while studying classic 19th and 20th century literature? It wasn’t me. I did not say that.


Olive-r Twist

This is a fun one. Order a martini and gulp it as fast as you can – olives included. Turn to the person to your right, and ask them, “Please, sir, can I have some more?” The person on the right must reject your first advance and then ask you with a mixture of pity and confusion, “MORE?” You must ask again, more convincingly this time, and if the person on your right thinks you’ve earned it, they will buy you another martini. This game is best played wearing hats and if the person to your right has mutton chops.


Catcher in the Rye

Every time Holden Caulfield says the word “phony”, fill a men’s catcher’s mitt with whiskey rye and take a shot. Strike a match and press it against your forearm. Avoid schools for ten years.


Of Mice and Men

Another fun one to play in a big group. Everyone have a bottle of something ready. Pass a rabbit around the circle, and whosever hands the rabbit dies in has to drink. On top of that, one of that person’s friends has to throw a Jell-O shot at the back of their head. I encourage you to cheat at this game by using a stuffed rabbit, most drunk people who are hopefully already drunk from playing Catcher in the Rye will not tell the difference and it is less cruel towards animals.


Phillip K. Dic-Kup

Fill a Dixie cup (or in this case, Dicksie cup) up with beer. Drink it. Explain to your fellows why you don’t like authoritarian governments or monopolistic corporations. Get your cup to transcend, i.e. put it on the edge of the table then flip it so it is standing up. Question game.


Tequila Mockingbird

I’m sure you’ve played this before so I’ll just explain it briefly. Everyone in the room picks a character from the book. Each time that character talks, you take a shot of tequila. Whenever Boo Radley is mentioned, everyone in the room chants, “BOO RADLEY” and takes an additional shot of tequila. After a few pages you’ll probably wonder aloud where the mockingbirds are.


German Melville

Take a sip of a German beer. Lie flat on your back and spit it straight up into the air. Have a friend or acquaintance occasionally yell “Thar she blows”! Take turns, don’t be greedy.


The Chronic Ulcer Narnia

Start drinking when you are a teenager and take a sip of beer every time you think something might be a reference to Christianity. Or any time a funny animal talks. When Aslan the Great Lion appears, down one for him. Drink until you can’t even C.S. Lewis. And never stop believing in Narnia.


Blotto Von Bismarck

I know what you’re thinking. Otto Von Bismarck isn’t strictly an author, he was a German statesman who unified numerous German states into an empire under Prussian leadership and created a balance of power that preserved peace in Europe pre-World War I. BUT Henry Kissinger once said "The man of 'blood and iron' wrote prose of extraordinary directness and lucidity, comparable in distinctiveness to Churchill's use of the English language." That being said, Von Bismarck should not be confused with American rapper and beatboxer Biz Markie, best known for his single “Just a Friend”, which made number 100 on VH1’s list of the 100 greatest hip hop songs of all time. If you’re like me they both come up in conversation a lot.


The Curious George

Eat a puzzle piece. Chase it with a banana cream liqueur.