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July 14, 2011

Lady Gaga turns a few heads, as usual, this time with her latest audacious bit of evening wear.


Singer/songwriter/clothes-wearer Lady Gaga showed up at Combined Charities fundraising dinner Monday night wearing a dress made primarily from the living body of Vice-President Joseph Biden.

The well-heeled crowd from the financial, fashion and entertainment worlds were surprised and aghast to see the famously attention-grabbing Gaga wearing not only a living, breathing human but the man positioned to take over the Presidency should something happen to President Obama.

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, preportedly designed the dress herself.

Opinions on the dress were mixed, with some finding it “tasteless,” others “Dadaistic” and at least one fashionista in attendance saying that it was “dignified and Presidential despite Biden’s presence.”

Gaga, 35, would only say about her gown, “I think it’s beautiful.”

Biden spokesman Agee Ramp has stated that the 68-year-old Vice-President agreed to become a pop star’s item of clothing “for one night only” strictly because he believed strongly in the Combined Charities organization and wished to show his support.

Ramp also said that even though the act of being stitched on to fabric was painful at first, Biden “grinned and bore it” and that he actually enjoyed the event. The stitches were, apparently, more painful coming out than going in.

  In what may or may not be a related story, singer Katy Perry has reportedly asked United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon if he would be interesting in being converted temporarily into an elaborate hat that she hoped to wear to an upcoming UNICEF event.
The Secretary-General could not be reached for comment.