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Published November 14, 2011
During the holidays people should come together and love each other. But when it comes to you we are never far enough apart <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />  To my ex on a special day Thank you for making me gay   I’ve heard the good news You’re pregnant  news travels fast when you get around   Just a little goodbye before you leave town Goodbye, so long, glad you’re gone   I know your in a bind and I’d like to help you out But can’t because all my money went to your welfare   Thinking of you and thought you could use a vacation Enclosed is a one way ticket to hell   # 3 Dad Happy fathers day to the third best Dad.  Almost number one.  But as you taught me almost doesn’t count.   Congratulations on your cross into womanhood. Next time think of your reputation before losing your virginity to guy you don’t know.   Thinking of you Actually I was thinking of  _____ people and you were the first person who came to mind.   Happy Birthday Another year closer to receiving my inheritance.   Miss you Not really I just wanted to remind you how glad I am you are not here.   Congrats on your new baby Who’s the father   Late B-day card.  Sorry it took so long I was deciding weather or not your worth a present and your not.  So here is this card.   Forgot your Birthday Because I am still trying to forget the day you were born   To my friend I woke up today and realized I hate you   To my sibling Are you sure you weren’t adopted   Happy Grandparents Day You could not raise my parents.  So what makes you think you could help raise me