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May 18, 2008


Transcipt from Learning the Lord with Bale Ballentine as broadcast over short wave radio


Good morning,

I am very excited to have all of ya listnin today thanks to our new sponsor Skoal Long Cut. Cassette tapes of todays program will be available in the lobby so be sure to pick one up on your way out or when you go catch a smoke.

This series is entitled Learning The Lord with Bale Ballentine. Our goal is to make the bible and the lords word easier to understand in today's society by using biblical references to show you how God is present in your life. ( distant amen)

We use the bible because it is Gods word. Now there is an ever increasing segement of our society that has become so dependent on the intranet and iphones and cable telervision that they can't even read. I think someone needs to convert the bible into text message form so these kids can understand it. Youd have to spell it out for them C-r-e-8-s-s-h-u-n....

(laughter, a few claps and an amen)

Its not just the kids that don't understand the lord or the bible, its the adults too...Why is it the Oprah can put a book on tv and all of the sudden people snatch it up and swear by it. She put that book The Secret on and people went all batty...running around wishing themselves a million dollars, and you know what happened..they sold a million books...

People, no matter what age, are looking for something to save them, something to believe in..

(Clap and a few amens)

Harry Potter come sout with another book and people are dressing up like wizards and magicians

( hallujuja)

Star wats puts a movie out and people think they are luke sunwalker


but here we have a book, written by God, and nobody makes a movie out of it, no one dresses up like Peter, aint nobody running around the Halloween superstore looking for Job costumes...

So lets talk about C-r-e-8-s-h-u-n

This is where it all started....God made the world in 7 days....

Now I have had people come up to me and say "Reverend Bale, how in the hell can the world be made in 6 days, I mean reverend I can't get my dag gone deck built in 4 weeks and you gonna tell me the earth was made in 7 days? THat is just perposterous!"

( it's true...7 days...amen)

And I say to them lookie here...We are talking about God, we aint talking about you and your 3 drunk cousins trying to replicate what you seen at home depot. God is the master architect.

I bet some of you out there has seen one of them tv shows where they find a dumpy house..soem crackhouse that needs a lotta fixin...and so they get this team, a few individuals like a woman and a man, both of which always seem to have gender issues if you know what I mean...

and there is always a hom_i_sexual involved, I guess cuz they're good at decorating

So this team goes into this house and in a matter of one hour, just one hour..I mean I turned that show on at 7 o'clock and by 8 o'clock they have made this house into a grand castle , so nice you almost forget it was built by a bunch of sinners

( amen) (amen)

And you gonna tell me that the lord can't build his world in seven when thisman and woman and hom-i-sexual can make a crackhouse look good in an hour?...Now that my brother is perposterous!

(claps)( amens)