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October 03, 2017

Language barriers can be confusing.

A man on a bus in Mexico spots an empty seat next to an Asian tourist wearing a Mexican hat and comes over.

“Hello there is that seat taken?”

“Hi” (Hi, means ‘yes’ in Japanese).

He sits down.

“I’m on vacation. Are you on vacation?”


“Hello….again.” Man looks around. “It’s nice weather today.”


“I already said hello.”


Man looks around. “Those are nice sandals on your feet.”


“Yes yes yes…hello. Can we move on from hello? Are you visiting for a long time?”

“E-yeah” (pronounced yeah means no in Japanese).

“I’m here for two weeks.”


“Yes hello. You’re not from Mexico are you?”


“Oh, you are from Mexico?”


“I didn’t know.”


Man looks at the ceiling of the bus. “Hello, yes okay hello.”


“Do you have relatives here?”


“Oh really?”


“Any brothers or sisters?”


“What your sister’s name?”


“Yes, your sister.”




“Okay okay okay. We said hello let’s change the subject.Look do you have a brother?”


Man looks away, then turns back to the Asian man. “What does your brother do for a living?”

“Job?” the Asian man asks.

“Yes his job.”




“Oh he’s a pilot?”


“We already said hello. What’s his name?”

The Asian man points to himself.

“No your brother, your brother’s name.“


Man looks away for a moment; turns back to the Asian man.“Sy?”

Asian man nods. “Hi.”

“Do you want to know what I do for a living?”

Asian man shakes his head. “E-yeah.”

“What do you think I do?”

“Ha!” (means hey in Japanese).”

“Are you laughing at me?”


Man is irritated. “Oh you are huh? You think I’m funny?”

“Naze?” (means why in Japanese).

“Are you calling me a Nazi?”

Asian man shakes his head. “E-yeah.”

“Are you a wise-guy?”

Asian man shakes his head. “E-yeah.”

“Oh you are?”


“Oh yeah?”


“Listen I don’t let anybody push me around.”


“Don’t start that again.”

Asian man shakes his head. “E-yeah.”

“What do you keep saying Hi for, are you trying to mock me?”


“Oh you are huh? Listen, have you got a name?”

Asian man nods. “Hi.”

“Where do you come from?”

Asian man points upward. “Sky.”

“The sky?”


“What do you mean the sky?”

Asian extends his arms and mimics a jet aircraft.

“Okay I get it an airplane I knew you weren’t from around here. Have you got a name?”


“I already said hi. What’s your name?”




“Okay Dai where are you from?”


“Oh Japan?”


“No wonder.” Man is relieved. “But what do you keeping saying hello for?”

“Shiranai!” (means I don’t know in Japanese).

“Sure and you what?”


Bus slows.

“Here’s my stop where I get off.“ Man stands. “Been nice talking to you Dai. Hi, fly, Vye, sky, Sy and GOODBYE!” Man gets off the bus.

Asian man shakes his head. “Dami!” he says to himself (means Dummy).