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February 03, 2017

Find out what they mean!

The goal of a road sign is to quickly and clearly convey a message to drivers. However, some road signs can be downright confusing. Here’s a helpful guide to the meanings of some of the more bizarre road signs.


Road Entering Curve

The road curves to the left with a side road entering from the right. Drivers should approach the intersection with extra caution. Bizarre, right?


Garfield Is Ahead With Lasagna

Within 100 feet, the driver will encounter Garfield with a fresh lasagna. The driver should slow down, if safe, in order to have a chance at stealing the lasagna. Disregard this sign on a Monday.


Sexy Crab Warning

You’ll be seeing a very sexy crab soon. Remember to keep your eyes on the road and not the seductive crab. 90% of road accidents occur due to sexy crabs.


No Snowman Zone

This sign signifies that no snowmen are allowed in the area. Any cars transporting snowmen must find another route. Snowwomen, however are more than allowed. Not all rules are fair.


Road Is Studying For Finals So It Can Graduate College

Drivers must be careful not too make too much noise for the next mile or so. If they have any Red Bull or snacks, they should pull over and offer them to the road who is studying to get a degree in Communications.


Speed Limit: Birthday Cake

You can drive as fast as the number of candles on your last birthday cake. Be honest, because if you’re pulled over, be ready to present a picture of that cake.


“Give Me Back My Son” sign

This one is actually pretty self-explanatory.


Skull and Crossbones

Many drivers confuse this as a sign of danger, when actually it’s just informing everyone that there’s a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out very soon. Rumor has it, it stars Johnny Depp and a very sexy crab.