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February 11, 2015


Who says Millennials are all selfish? I’ve been hearing a lot of that lately until I heard this remarkable story that I didn’t believe at first.

At a party one day I overheard what I learned to be a group of amateur comedians discussing an apparently hilarious comic named Rich Camp. They were saying that he puts a lot of ‘homeless people’ themes in his stand up. ie. bindles, cardboard, vagabonds. I was immediately offended because I’ve had some family history with homelessness and maybe I was being too sensitive, but it seemed to me more like a detrimental issue, less an act for farce. But before I put on my judgement hat and demanded to speak to Rich Camp and tell him his act is hurting a group of people that make up a large percent of the population, I listened to his story.

Now this is through the group of comedians, but the story has been corroborated through multiple sources on different occasions. In 2011, Rich moved to Los Angeles from Rhode Island to further pursue a career in comedy. He sublet a crappy one bedroom apartment from an old boss. Apparently it was really downtrodden. Being very handy he spent a year fixing it up. At the end of a year it was unbelievable. Just like new.

One day Rich was at a bar in Hollywood and he stepped out for a cigarette. He came across a group of homeless guys around his age (mid 20s). He shared his cigarettes with them and eventually went to a corner pizza place and ordered an extra large pizza and shared it with the group. He stayed there all night and ended up talking mostly to one older homeless man, in his sixties, and Rich was so overwhelmed by his story. Both of the man’s parents were alcoholics, and he was as well. He worked really hard his entire life, but eventually fell off the wagon. He spent his life working for charities and non profits but eventually couldn’t help himself enough to help others. Even still, anything this man got, he would give at least half to homeless kids.

Rich wanted to help this man so much but he had no monetary value to offer. So he did something amazing. He let the man move in with him! No rent, no conditions. And to not make the man feel out of place, Rich gave him his bedroom, and HE slept on the couch. Rich helped the man find some free programs to assist with his addiction, and they would hang out every night. Two years later this man goes to AA, has a full time job, and even just bought a condo. Rich and him are still great friends, and the man is actually the godfather to Rich’s first child.

Wow. Just wow. Its good to see there is still humanity in this world. And it proves that no one is without hope.

Bless you Rich Camp.