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February 22, 2010


Thanks for all the awesome entrants as of late. Please keep participating and stay funny, my friends. Time for a picture we can all enjoy together.

Amy4birds flies in the winners:

Wow. I never should’ve sent out an email asking more people to enter Jason’s haiku chamber because it made my job more difficult. Plus Jason’s chamber is all stretched out now.

Some good ones squeaked in under the gun, including the winner. I wish this were the Special Olympics so everyone could get a medal (well, when FOD members get involved, events usually do turn “special,” come to think of it).

You’re all winners just for having taken the time to write a 5-7-5 verse scheme about someone getting their ass lit on fire.

Hugs, motherfuckers!

Mentions go to Jimbo:

Fire in the hole calls??

Are counterintuitive??

With all hands on Dick.

To Lizard Lady:

The Olympic torch

was unusual this year

brought tears to my eyes

And to Keibar:


??gift wasted on farting by

??toilet paper brains.

BRONZE goes to Bubba:

What started off as

Animal House, wound up as?

Torch Song Trilogy

SILVER goes to Jams3Kids:

I have cigarettes??

but I haven't got a Bic

can I BUM a light?

GOLD goes to LeatherShorts:

If you like the show??

You'll love the lunacy of??

Jackass the home game

I DO like the show! But the home game looks even better.