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October 14, 2010

In the beginning...I started working with a 50 year old man who comes into my office every morning to chat. Sprinkled in these talks are his life lessons, views on people and general theories on how to achieve whatever goal he currently has his sights on. His wisdom reminded me of a charming book I once read (only far more disturbing and less endearing) and I have decided to share this experience with the world.

My co-worker (we'll call him "Shane" for purposes of this blog) currently has 2 girlfriends and 1 bootycall. One of the girlfriends is someone that he dislikes very much and has been trying to break up with since he started dating her (we'll call her "Sally"). However, he always gets sucked back into the relationship with Sally because she will let him do just about anything.

Today Sally texted Shane about going apple picking with her 8 year old nephew on Sunday.  Since receiving the text, Shane has been trying to negotiate a threeway (with another man) and is fairly close to closing the deal. Some highlights of today's negotiations have been:

"Shit, now he wants to bring his girlfriend. I really just wanted to use this threeway to make Sally feel like a slut, now it's going to be too warm & fuzzy."

"This guy is bi so I'm going to break my cardinal rule and insist upon using a condom. No bareback for him."

"I don't want to be bringing a pea shooter to a cannon fight. This guy better not have a big dick."

For more go to: http://smcws.blogspot.com/