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January 19, 2011

My time with the male ritual

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    As I lay there in bed the other night in an empty house, I was extremely bored.  The girlfriend was at work and the night of television was quite unacceptable.  So what else does a guy do?    That’s right… whack the weasel.  As I decided to take part in the sacred male activity I skimmed through my porn collection.  And it soon hit me that I forgot to stop by the scumbag, glory hole infested, porn house to expand my library.  I decided to use the good old fashioned imagination.  As I scanned my internal library I go through all the ex girlfriends.  The one who could suck a mean dick, but wasn’t always yours. Or maybe, the one who let you shove it in her ass, but was a whacko.  As I scanned through all the girlfriends who ripped out my heart or were a waste of time, I picked one.   Once you’re done your male ritual and are ready to clean up, there’s always one thing to say,   Thanks for the memory …… bitch.