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August 09, 2010

If your not a star by 40 you never will be!

Advice to Relief yourself of some Pretensions:

Accept the actors of your generations as better performers than you are.   This is hard to do, but fundamental to evaluating yourself in the sexual selection ranking of evolution and society.   First realize that the likes of Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland are likely your age or older.  You will not suddenly be discovered like Johnny Depp while working in the 7-11 and launch a fabulous career as the movie star that defines your generation.  You may get a part as an extra in one of Steven Spielberg’s future epics if you are willing to go to a cheesy talent agency with statues of the Venus de Milo on a chess board tile floor.   No your are not in the wrong spot – they don’t do hair here.  Sign up way in advance and provide a decent 8 by 10.   Be prepared to move in a herd on set like a herd of cows and wait long hours while playing cards with endless people who will terrify your better judgement with tall tales of their imminent fame.

You may indeed be better looking than C. Sheen and K. Sutherland, but you don’t have the head start of their Hollywood family connections.  If you had the talent of Johnny Depp you would have already been encouraged further in the business.  It is true that some people’s talent is hidden and spring forth later in life.  I suggest as a first step to test these waters of artistic potential that you take the drawing test from the television show.