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October 12, 2010

The holiday that starts all the fuss.

You know how they say marijuana is the gateway drug?  Well that's what I think about Halloween.  It's the gateway holiday.

The lure: dress up and get free candy.  It's fun.

And while you're all buzzed from your sugar high, in come the commercials that say, gosh life is good...we should all be thankful! Let's eat over a good meal.  And bam! There you are dazed from an  overstuffed belly and endless football.

And while you can't move off the couch, you see live news reports of people camping out at the local Walmart and even more commercials of deal after deal to get you to the stores for the biggest savings on the biggest shopping day of the year.  But that's just to get you warmed up.

You then spend the ensuing days stressing over the perfect gift, gaining weight from all the holiday food, listening to holiday music, spreading holiday cheer, fighting over the "it" toy/video game of the month, getting stuck in holiday traffic, driving endless circles around mall parking lots just to find a space, going to a staggering number of office parties and spending entirely to much money for for the big one: Chrisma-Hana-Kwanz-ica 

Of course it's not one holiday but it covers everyone and gets you shopping.  And just when you start to have buyer's remorse, it's time to party and bring in the New Year.  And only after the hangover is gone and decorations are cleared are you able to look back on the last eight weeks with a clear head.  Then you spend the next 10 months in financial rehab...only to start all over again.

Like I said, Halloween - the gateway holiday.