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August 10, 2017

Millennials won't be satisfied until they've killed every industry.

Millennials are causing massive shifts in the economy, and are contributing to the demise of many mainstay industries.

Sit-down restaurants, brick and mortar department stores, diamonds, and other industries that used to flourish are now fighting for their lives, thanks to millennial habits.

And now, millennials have all but completely destroyed one classic industry: wooden bounce back paddle ball games.


These toys used to be a staple in every family home. They provided safe, wholesome fun for people of all ages. But now, you hardly even see these things anymore, and it’s all thanks to millennials.

Studies have shown millennials have ditched paddle balls in favor of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, because apparently only screens can satisfy them and their children.

To make matters worse, the only millennials that own the toys are a few hipsters who display them ironically in their apartments, but never actually play with them.


In the process of this habit shift, millions of jobs have been lost, and an industry has been killed.

Thanks a lot, millennials. Is any industry safe from your warpath?