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October 22, 2009


Wow.  After reading jeffer's blog on "Crappy service", my memory was jolted to remember a story that I had either forgotten or repressed.

5 years ago, I am working in Montreal with two of my friends, installing high end trim in high end homes.  
Just to give you ideal of our clients and the homes we worked in, we once worked in a 17 000 sqft home, or should I say mansion for four months.

After this job, we start a new project.  The family is really nice.  The man is maybe 45-50, retired already, gorgeous wife, and two smoking hot daughters. 18 and 21.  You defenitely do not want to do anything embarrising. 


Now keep in mind, this is the FIRST day there.  It's 10:30am and my gut starts hurting.  The coffee at breakfast is now kicking in and I have to go use the washroom.  Since we all work toghether and we drink coffee at the same, all three of us workers are very syncronized.  My boss went and used the washroom 10 minutes before and it's now a race between me and my other friend to use the washroom. 

I run up the stairs beating my coworker to the door and give a victory wave, or middle finger to his face. 
Sweet victory.

I do my business, and come to flush.  Oh crap!  The water starts to rise and doesn't go back down.  It is clogged!!!  I know it's not me, there is no way I clogged it.  Then it hits me.  My boss clogged it 10 minutes earlier.  Don't panic.  Look for the plunger.  Where is the plunger?  Where is the PLUNGER???  Not in this washroom, I looked everywhere for it.

I have to face the terrible reality.  I have to ask this gorgeous classy lady, where the plunger is at, cause the toilet is clogged.

My two friends try to keep a straight face while I ask the lady for a plunger. 

"Do you have a plunger?"
"Why?' she responds.  Out of any response in the world she could have said, she wants to know why.
"Your toilet is clogged upstairs"
She looked at me like I was an alien.  Like she had never heard of this happening before in the existence of mankind.  The silence is growing and the awkwardness is almost unbearable.  My too buddies are desperately trying not to laugh.
"yeah, I think there is one in the garage." as she walks away.


The moral of the story is, if your working in someones house don't shit in their houses.  Or face the wrath if something bad happens.  Or pre flush to make sure it works.