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July 18, 2009


So here we are, months later after meeting with The Killers of Comedy and trying out for a spot. I didnt get it, suffice to say. But it definitely lit a fire thats not going out. Ever time I get behind a mic the adrenaline is at a fever pitch and when the audience hands themselves over to you the feeling is indescribable. For you folks out there, you know what Im talking about. I cant wait to try my hand at "real sets" ya know? Something longer than three minute open mic's, Ive done seven and a half but havent gotten to do my full sets that I have yet. 

 To conclude, I'll be talking more on here in the days and weeks to come, as well as posting my personal sets and warm-ups. So throw some criticism my way, lol. Till then, via con pinocha!!