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May 16, 2010


For some strange reason my thoughts as of late have been drifting daily to Steven Seagal. It all started when I watched a documentard on the documentard channel. I realize that when he started in movies he had no where to go so he became partners with thE Mob to make his first several movies. Then something went  wrong and he ran for his life to Tokyo. I know these things, 1 he ran away from home when he was like 13 to Tokyo where he lived on the streets and studdied in a dojo where he did chores to pay for his keep. I also know that of all the action stars of the 80's he was actually the only one that really could do all the things he did in the movies. I know he is a real cop and one of the first 80's actors who started a "blues band " on the side. (amazing what you can do if you have the cash.) I also know that this guy is bat Shit crazy. Now having said all the things before the "bat shit crazy" part I mean that in the best possible way. I am listing some quotes from Steven Seagal to concrete my hypothosis.
1. " Some day I'd like to be known as a great actor and director, not just a sex symbol.

2. " I have traveled the world creating this drink." (WTF- no-Stay thirsty my friend?)

3. " Yeah, I want some blow, put your hands where I can see them or i'm going to blow your head off."

4." I ordered me some chicken, they gave me alligator ass." (this is from one of his songs.)

5. " I'm going to take you to the bank, the BLOOD bank." ( I hope that wasn't an all night fix to the script.)

6." What am I? A Shit magnet?" (yep fraid so.)

7.  " If your daddy knew exactly how stupid you were, he'd trade you in for a pet monkey."

8. " I apologize for any harm I have ever done to any sentient being in this life, or all past lifes."

All this greatness, and I can't even get a job washing dishes IN Hollywood..........What the fuck? Well got to go... trying to convince mother to let me use her condo in florida for a few weeks this year, got to go kiss that ass. What is your favorite celeb quote?