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August 29, 2008


I worked for many years with  both mentally and physically disabled people. I thought I would try to relay some of the most crazy stories from that experience here. I have never written anything like this, so I would like feed back, PLEASE!

I am an 18 year old, camp counselor or team leader and have delt with these kids 8 hours a day, 5 dys a week all summer and had done it for two years, I was pretty jaded by this time.

Setting: Lunch at a picnic table in the park with 6 mentally handicapped/ behavior challenged children ages 7-10 about to eat lunch. Early August, 100 degrees in the shade

One kid is a peachers daughter, mild retardation, turrets syndrome. We will call her Crystal (Not her real name)

One kid is mildly retarded, not to far removed from Steve Erckle, same glasses and shorts up to his arm pits and sings everything that he says and has to have everything said to him twice for him to connect it. We will call him Steve (not his real name of course)

Me: Okay guys, lets sit down and eat, Steve sit down, Steve you need to sit down

Steve: I don't want to! I don't want to!

Crystal: I want to pray before we eat, Thank you Jesus.

Me: Okay Crystal you can pray, but Steve needs to sit down first. Steve sit down so we can eat lunch,

Steve as he is sitting down: I don't want to! I don't want to!

Crystal: You better pray or god will send you to HELL!

Me: Crystal, lets talk nicely please, You can pray now, we are ready

Crystal: -K- Dear lord jesus in heaven, thank you for this fucking food...

Me Trying not break into hysterical laugher: CRYSTAL! NICELY!

Crystal: -K- and Jesus please be with Steve cause after I kill him he might go to hell for not prayin. AMEN

Steve is still humming his "I don't want to" song with no apperent clue that Crystal just threatened to kill him

Everyone starts eating

Me trying to maintain composer as best I could: Crystal! You need to tell Steve you are sorry

Crystal: -K- Steve, Im sorry Im gunna kill you. I'm sorry.

Steve looks up from his PB&J with it smeared all over his face and sings: Thats okay! That's Okay!



More true stories to follow

FYI Tard farming is when you are in one place for a extended period with them and Tard Toteing is when you take them places for a short period of time.