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Published November 01, 2010
When American government passed the UIGEA in 2006, opinions of people split up. The same situation was with the states. At one state the government was not satisfied with the introduced bill and thus didn’t hurry to implement it into life, while in the other state the government took the opposite position. Let’s take Kentucky as an example. As a matter of fact, Kentucky was the first state which started acting against online casinos.

In 2008 Kentucky Governor take a serious step and seized 141 domain names at the state. It was a shocking event for everyone, as among these domains were rather famous online casinos. There were names under iMEGA and IGC, including Microgaming ones. By the way, since that time Microgaming had to stop its operating at the territory of the country due to the situation with legality of its work. Thousands of players lost an opportunity to play their famous online casino games.

Until now there are no decisions made on domain names seizure suit. It seems that everything goes back to its starting point. But now one more suit is added. It concerns the payments, and it is said that those online casino operators who were working illegally at Kentucky state , have to pay revenues. Among them there are Full Tilt Poker, Party Gaming and Microgaming. Now the suit is passed to the court and trial begins. Such situation arose according to the statute of the state which had never been used before.

Why does Kentucky behave like that? This is a question, which bothers many people today. If you want to get some explanation, you are welcome to do it. We have tried to throw light upon the situation specially for you. You may find the article by following the link

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