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Published April 06, 2011
From: 38 Replies, read after the jump. An unlicensed nuclear accelerator is just too dangerous to give away.   Hi!!! I’d love to get that proton pack if you still have it. I’ve always wanted one. There are many ghosts in my neighborhood, and they are way, way, way out of hand. I would bust them myself, except I don’t have the necessary gear. Bustin’ makes me feel good. ======== If you still have that proton pack I would love to pick it up.I had mine overheat,ran a stream too long and the Boson Darts (extremely depolarized bursts)cause me to overhead and busted my plasma transformer system.Let me know…Thanks ======== Wow. Lol If still available I will be glad to take it. I think I can take some of my left over energon cubes and make it work. Who ya gonna call? Me! ======== I’ll take it ======== Would you be interested in trading for a Flux Capacitor? It needs a little TLC to be operational.hello, do you still have it. if so i would like to come pick up after work at 4pm.   my kids would think its cool to have hanging in our den, they would think its the one from ghostbusters.  please send me your address if you do have it.  Thanks ========== If you are serious about giving away your proton pack, i have a friend with slimer in his living room who could use one. Just let me know and i will come pick it up Thanks ============= when can I come get it?  been looking for one since I bought this house…need to do some spring cleaning and don’t want to get slimed ============ Hi is that proton pack still available? ============ do want! If i can have this i will tell you where the gate keeper is ============ I WANT IT!!! I will trap SO. MANY. GHOSTS. ============== i am wondering if you still have the proton pack? call me asap XXXXXXX and ill come get it tues at you convince ============= I want the Proton pack give me a call at XXXXXXX I can get it fixed ============== hey! I’ve got some ghosts to hunt and a mind for electronics — I’d love to have your proton pack. Am I too late or d’ya still have it around? I’m located in XXXX. Thanks! ================= Hi:  If nobody has taken this priceless object – can we have it????? //oh it’s awesome ================== Is this for real? =============== Hi how r u? i am XXX and my # is XXXXXXX give me a call!! I need some protons!!! ================ Sweet. I want one. ================ Hi if u still have it I would like to pick it up. Thank U Is it available? Thanks, Venkman ================ I’m a physics major that sounds fun…  Is it still available…  It could be helpful, if I encounter any ghosts… ==================== Can pick up now need address for my gps Thank you =================== You know what? This looks like it could get me in trouble just having it. I have no idea what it does. How did you get a hold of it anyway? I love to collect unusual objects but this might be more than what I should have on hand Good luck getting rid of it though. ==================== Awesome post ================= I know this is most likely a prank, but if not my son is obsessed with the ghostbusters and would love this so email me back if its legit. Thank you ================= Hey is this an adult model? ================ If this is not a scam I will take it off your hands just email me ================ Hilariously awesome! ================ do  you still have this? I would like to have it. thanks for your time =================== does this come with the suit and soundtrack? ================== i want it send e-mail where I can pick up, if your bull-XXXXing your dead ================== Hey there, Names XXXX and i saw your proton pack and i gotta say it looks near damn official. ================= Huge fan here, can travel anytime today to pick it up, and travelings not a problem. Please let me know ================== Is the Proton Pack still available?  If is I am interested in it and I can pick up. Cheers, =================== Sounds too odd to be true, but I could add it to my costume arsenal Do you really have a proton pack.. prop? Or is this entire post a joke. ==================== Dude. MINE. =================== My name is XXXX and I’m interested in picking up the proton pack that you have listed on Craigslist.  I also pick up repairable and usable items as well as scrap metal.  I cover a large area usually with a trailer in tow.  Normally, I try to make a route each day to fill my truck and trailer to make it worth my while, time and gas wise.  All I ask is that you don’t waste my time or gas. If you want to schedule a free pick up please call XXXXXXX.   If you would like a copy of my flyer for a better idea of other things that I pick up send me an e-mail at XXXX. Thank you for your time. ===================== You know it just occurred to me we really haven’t had a successful test of this equipment if the positron collider is broke.  But why worry I plan on carrying that  unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back. I’ll be over in a 1959 cadillac miller meteor limo style endloader combination car, whitish in color to pick it up. ================= Is this like the ghostbusters pack??? because if it is, I WILL TAKE IT. My number is XXXX Thank you, ================= I want it! Where and when can I come get it???