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July 10, 2009


Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda

 I'm aware that this is a tad late, but better late than never.
Fourth of July weekend, I was super busy hanging out with my family. I don't see them much, so when I get the chance, I go. Sara challenged me to a bowling match. Here's how that turned out:

And yes, by the way, those are my own personal bowling shoes. They glow in the dark.

Then, of course, there were fireworks, which I will post pictures of, although, I must say I'm convinced that nobody likes pictures of fireworks, and that I am a freak for loving them so much...
Oh! and I found another goat at the festival. That's not wierd, right?

He's full frame because I'm pretty sure he's the cutest goat on the planet.

Yesterday, Holly, Kelly and I went to see a psychic. Her name was Rhonda. We sent Kelly in first so Holly and I could get over our nerves:
Kelly had gone to see this woman about a month ago, and she wasn't supposed to come back for three months, so she had to lie and say she hadn't been there before. However, when I went in, Rhonda promptly asked me, "Are you the one I've read before? I know I've read one of you three." I said no, and she told me I had very distinctive eyes, and then she read my palm. She said that I'm a very deep thinker and a good problem solver, but sometimes, I can be very emotional and let my feelings get in the way. Then she immediately commented on my "teaching block" and asked if I was a teacher. I said I used to be.
Then, she looked at my lifeline and told me that I'm going to live a very very long life, and that I'm going to have a major health problem in my 40's or 50's, that will require me to be recessitated (spelling?) BUT, I'm not supposed to die from it.
Then, she looked at my money lines or whatever and said that I'm going to make a ton of money in my late 20's and even more in my 30's. Next, she asked what I wanted to do, since I wasn't a teacher anymore and I said I wanted to be in the film industry and she said I'd make it very nicely there, despite my crooked career path. She said it would take time, but I'll find my niche.
I mentioned that I was a writer and she said my writing line was the cookiest thing she's ever seen, and that I'm a very talented writer, but there's something specific I need to work on.
Next, she looked at my love line and said that I'm a very committed and passionate person, who wants long term relations, but I'm too picky because I'm eccentric and I'm afraid no one will get it, or like me for it. WHICH IS SOOOO TRUE!!!
Then, she said I'm going to have two very very long term relationships, like fifteen years long, and I'll have at least one child.
Next came the Tarot cards, which basically reiterated everything she said. Except, she did mentionthat there is a guy I know right now, who is very interested in me, but my back is to him, so I'm "not putting out any effort at all" and that by winter, he will tell me he is interested. I was like, "BRING ON WINTER!!" But I'm racking my brains trying to figure out who this guy is...
I also asked her about my book and she said it wouldn't be a best seller as it is right now, which is kinda like, "Duh!"
Kelly said we should prepare questions to ask her afterward, which I didn't have any, because she covered all the bases, so I said to Holly, "I think I'll ask her where the bathroom is." ha.
So basically, she told me a lot of stuff I already knew.
I'm kind of addicted though, and want to see a different psychic to see if she'll say the same things.

I hope you read all of that....