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January 20, 2015

The Nightly Show Premiered Last Night


Larry Wilmore premiered his new Nightly Show last night, taking over the daily Colbert Report‘s 11:30 p.m. Comedy Central time slot. If the premiere is any indication, the show will be decidedly un-Colbert-y, which is, of course, for the better because when it comes to Colbert, there can only be one. And Larry Wilmore is a funny guy on his own so it makes sense that they would stray far away from the Colbert model.

The show was mainly fueled by Larry Wilmore’s honest and plainspoken thoughts and funny reactions to the news focusing on one main theme for the whole show: “State of the black protest.” It looks like the show will use a central, oftentimes racially tinged theme for each show. Tonight’s show’s theme is Bill Cosby.

He opened the first show with a desk piece presenting a few news stories that highlighted the need for black protest.

“Everything is not awesome”
–Larry Wilmore. Yep.

Further distancing the Nightly Show model from the way The Daily Show and The Colbert Report looked, Willmore moved the discussion to a panel around a big conference table. The panel or some kind of group discussion will be a staple of The Nightly Show, bringing in a bunch of different kind of people to talk about the issue of the day from multiple perspectives.

Wilmore finished up his first show with a a segment where he answers a Twitter question on the spot, unscripted.

It’s exciting to see a brand-new type of daily late-night show coming into our lives. And Larry Wilmore seems to be a good captain to take late night into a different direction.