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August 14, 2012

Hollywood stars are trying a new diet that measures your weight by whether or not Ryan Gosling would do you.

Hollywood is looking better than ever thanks to a new diet that measures your weight by whether or not Ryan Gosling would do you given the chance.

The diet instructions say to stand naked in front of the mirror and ask yourself honestly, “WOULD RYAN GOSLING DO ME™?” If the answer is no, do not eat anything until the answer changes. If the answer is yes, eat. And, congratulations!

“It’s really the honesty part that’s key,” claims LA based nutritionist, Sam Wood.

But it’s not just Hollywood’s actors jumping on the bandwagon. “I put on a few pounds since retiring," says former NBA star Michael Jordan. "So my trainer put me on the WOULD RYAN GOSLING DO ME DIET™. Now I’m back to being Gosling Worthy.”

He then spun around and added, “I mean, I’d never actually do Ryan Gosling, but it feels nice to know that if I wanted to, I totally could.”

Gosling has begun promoting his new diet, which he claims is more of a lifestyle than a fad. "I’ve lived this way for years. If I don’t feel like touching myself inappropriately, then I don’t deserve to touch pastries either.”

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