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August 23, 2011

Turn all of your maps upside down. Do you feel lighter?

1) Go to the beach. Try to silence the ocean.

2) The next time you go on vacation, record the silence of your apartment, then play it back during your next party.

3) Spend a week where all your light only comes from fire.

4) Free the words from your books: read them aloud, then cross them off as you read.

5) Wear a leash and collar and let your dog walk you.

6) Clean your cleaning lady’s house. Frame the gloves you use, then throw them out.

7) Turn all of your maps upside down. Do you feel lighter?

8) Go to a park and cry. If anyone asks you what is wrong, tell them that everything is too beautiful.

9) Spend an hour every morning trying to imitate a wind chime.

10) Bury yourself in the Earth, then come out of it like a blooming flower.

11) Buy a burrito and set it free.

12) Mist yourself and listen to crickets chirping.

13) Make guacamole, leave it in your fridge, don’t eat it, throw it away when it rots.

14) Use a litter box for a week. Write poetry about it.

15) Drive to a cornfield. Find a scarecrow. Let him rest, stand in his place for an evening.

16) Buy antique rifles and disassemble them to disassemble the past.

17) Describe a rainbow to a blind person and tape their reaction.

18) Lick a nine-volt battery, then eat a tuna steak. Which did you like more?

19) Get a private box seat at a Broadway play, then sit facing away from the stage for the whole performance.

20) Serve unpopped popcorn. When people ask you why, tell them to dream of what could have been.