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February 04, 2017

Step by step instructions for the construction of a device to save the world from Trumpmagedon.

How to catch and exile from earth a Fascist Predator:

1. Use a strap on bear trap in the pussy, when the predator try to grab the pussy gets trapped.

How to make the strap on bear trap:

A) Find an old and very used strap on dildo at the end of its pleasurable product life cycle and scheduled for disposal in the trash. This hack is a good opportunity for recycle, remember the environment is first. Detach the dildo from the straps slowly, be careful not to hit your head with the dildo in the process, it can cause a severe contusion.

B) Steal one bear trap from Sarah Palin at the hunting devices storage section in her garage or find one at your nearest Betsy DeVos’s school, those used as a mine fields to protect children from Grizzlies.

C) Be sure the bear trap is not too big because our fascist predator has small hands and in this device the size matter. Attach the bear trap where the dildo was originally attached and that’s it. Now rename the device to “Fascist Predator Trap” and you are ready for the hunt. Please never use this device to catch any other animal species, is always wise to promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. This device is PETA safe and promoted by Sierra Club and Greenpeace to save the planet.

2. After the fascist predator is trapped by the pussy,put the fascist predator in a Blue Origin New Glenn three stage rocket donated by Jeff Bezos.

3. Invite the whole world to enjoy the launch: It is going to be a great launch, nobody builds rockets better than Jeff Bezos,It’s gonna be absolutely fantastic. The other guy, the ass kisser, who collaborate with the fascist predator is a total loser with his fake rockets that exploded, failed, a total disaster. The view from a Blue Origin rocket is more beautiful than from Trump tower, the rocket is made in USA and the Mexicans didn’t pay for it. From space in this enormous rocket you can see the last Presidential Inauguration empty and the Women’s March triumph. With this historical launch the mission to Make America Great Again without hate is accomplished and the world is saved from a Trumpmagedon cataclysm mass extinction. After the exile in space of the fascist predator “we’ll have so much winning, you’ll get bored with winning”.

Rocket specs:The Blue Origin New Glenn three stage rocket with 4,510,000 lbf. of thrust is capable to exile to outer space the whole Trump’s terrorists cabinet and tons of shit payload from Trump’s speeches and executive orders. The New Glenn rocket is beautifully gold plated and is going to be renamed for the historic event: Narcissus in exile.