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August 28, 2008


After spending years ploting out how I am going to fix up my garage so it looks like one Martha Stewart poopped in, I have started the process. After about two hours in yesterday, I had a meltdown. WHY DO I FEEL THE NEED TO KEEP ALL THIS CRAP!!!! When I die who is going to give a flying fuck about any of this, Clearly I don't really or it would not be sitting in the garage, right? And its not like I can do anything normal like have it hauled off. I actually labeled one of the file box  "Crap from my great grand uncle Tommy that is to cool to throw away" (because in order for it to look like the picture I have to have it all in matching file boxes and labled) The really sick part is this (and I am considering seeking medical treatment) The house down the street caught fire this morning, everyone was fine, but I thouhgt wow they get to start all over, how cool would that be.  WoW, I was amazed that I thought that even if it was for a second. I am generally an optimist, but that is over the top.

I love my great uncle tommys matchbook collection,  the old photos, my grandpa Bill's record collection and The hope chest my grandpa Jack carved for my grand mother before they were married (He is the one who built this house and our garage is his old woodcarving workshop) I would be so sad if anything happened to any of this stuff or this house, but for the love of God can I just get my car in the garage with room to open the doors without having to go through therapy.

Okay, I feel better

If you have any sugesstions either for cool things to do with stuff or medical treatment centers, please let me know!