“Late night talk shows are kind of like television’s time machines,” is something people say a lot, or maybe they sometimes say it somewhere, and those people are/would be right! Without late night talk shows, an SNL performer having left the show would mean she couldn’t perform an impression of someone, even if that someone’s all over the news and she’s the absolute perfect candidate for performing an impression of that someone. But wait! — with late night talk shows (aka television’s time machines!) any cast member from whatever era of SNL can do an impression of any newsworthy person, all they gotta do is go on Late Night with Seth Meyers and bring their wig.

Maya Rudolph hasn’t been an SNL cast member since 2007, but, as she tells Seth Meyers, that hasn’t stopped people from expressing to her every day what a shame it is she’s not on the show anymore since she’d do a perfect former president of Spokane’s NAACP chapter Rachel Dolezal. Well, those people, thanks to the magic of late night talk show time machines, can watch Rudolph debut her impression, just like she would have if this was all happening in a different year, one when she was still on SNL. Time is an illusion!