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January 28, 2009


Yesterday's limericks were so good that I thought we could have one more day of them before returning to haikus.

MacSpruce says:

Wow! This was difficult to judge, given the number of excellent submissions. Even after selecting the very best, I still had ten limericks to choose from, so I had to get very strict in my criteria. As dkent pointed out yesterday, a good haiku is more than just a matter of arranging the correct number of syllables. Similarly, a good limerick requires careful craftsmanship. Today's winners displayed excellent use of meter, word choice, overall effect, and of course humor.

(On the other hand, without naming names, some of you clearly didn't do your homework and will have to repeat Limericks 101 next semester if you want to obtain a credit.)

A tip of the tam-o'-shanter to jimbobalouie, Leathershorts, Borrowed_Time and willisthemaster for some very good efforts.

Honorable mention goes to glasspearl for
My laundry was hung up to dry
Till a big gust of wind happened by
It all blew away
On that fence it will stay
For of mortification I’d die

3rd place to dkent for
It was Halloween day in Sinclair.
And "Big Betty" was in great despair.
Her husband named Spence
Hung her bras on the fence
Just to give all their neighbors a scare!

2nd place to lizardladyfla for
There once was a girl from Nantucket
Bought a girdle,then thought,Oh just F**k it !
Looked at her behind
And then changed her mind
I'll just have to go nip and tuck it.

1st place to Buttermilk for
I once was employed to wash floors
And later found work making doors.
When they heard we sold knockers
That dumb bunch of cockers
Expected a house full of whores.
Congrats to Buttermilk. Time to show her that you're ready for the advanced limericks class.